Cuisinart MSC-600 vs MSC-800 Multi-Cooker Comparison

Slow cooker with cabbage, potatoes and smoked sausage

Can you cook this meal in your slow cooker…?

Multi-Cookers, like the Cuisinart MSC-600 vs MSC-800, are beloved little machines because they offer you the ability to cook in many different ways. But these machines, especially the two in this comparison, are often time very similar to one another making it very difficult to choose one over the other.

Well, that’s where we step in. The differences between these two machines might not seem that big of a deal to some, but for others it will make all of the difference in the world. Before you choose a multi-cooker, make sure that you read through all of the notes on this page.

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Cuisinart MSC-600 vs MSC-800: Battle of Similar Multi-Cookers...

Appearance and Size

Cuisinart MSC-600 Multi-Cooker

First of all, both of these machines are very attractive. With their modern design and look, you are met with a small appliance that you’d be proud to show off. It’s good looking enough to be the server container for one of your primary dishes for a party, holiday or get together.

They do look just alike, twins almost. But a more critical eye will catch the smaller details. If you take a look at the two machines you will see that the Cuisinart msc-600 has a black interface while the interface is clad in stainless steel for the msc-800. It’s a minor difference but still noteworthy.

A really cool feature for both of these cookers is that there is a blue backlight that illuminates the display to make it easier for you to see what’s going on. Trust me a backlight may seem like a small thing but there are many products that are much easier to use because of them, i.e. weight scales and coffee machines.

Both of these machines come with large side and lid handles. These large handles are made of a thick plastic and there is enough space between the edges of the handles for you to easily grab and transport the cookers.

These are rather large machines. The msc-600 measures 9.5 inches x 12 inches x 19 inches while the msc-800 is 10.5 inches x 18 inches x 11 inches. If you were to have it sit on your counter as its permanent spot, this would require quite a bit of countertop space. But, it’s probably not the kind of kitchen appliance that you would always have out (unless you have enough counter space for it).


These machines do have a lot of features in common. But there are some important differences when it comes to some of the functions. The functions are explained below.

The Steam function is a very convenient program and one that you should use as often as possible as steaming is one of, if not, the healthiest ways to prepare food. When food is steamed, there is no need to use cooking oils and because the food is not submerged in water you don’t have to worry about losing nutrients. Only a couple quarts of water or broth are required to get you going. A steam rack is included with both of these machines.

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The Brown or Saute feature allows you put a nice sear on your meat before it goes into the dish. This is important for flavor and texture. There is, however, a very big difference in the sear for these two machines. With the msc-600, the temperature only goes up to 350-degrees, while on the msc-800 the sear temp goes all the way up to 500-degrees. I think that this makes a huge difference. The 500-degree temperature is going to make a darker sear and faster. This is a big plus for the msc800.

Cuisinart MSC-800 Multi-Cooker

Both of these machines have a slow cooker function but chances are that you already have a slow cooker. So, give it away or use it as a backup for your large gatherings. A lot of the old school slow cookers, like the one that I have, do not have a timer. You choose from low, medium, or simmer for the temperature. When the timer has expired, the machine automatically goes into keep warm mode for up to eight hours.

Only the msc-800 has the Roast setting. And for it, that steam rack would reverse to double as a roasting rack. On roast, you can cook from 250 degrees all the way up to 450 degrees for up to six hours. Roasting is perfect for a variety of tough cuts like brisket, and even whole turkey. This is another check in the pro column for the msc-800.


  • Both of these units have a nonstick aluminum inner pan. Although the capacity is different; 7-quarts for the msc-800 and 6-quarts for the msc-600.
  • There is start/stop button
  • Set the cooking time with directional arrows
  • Set the temperature with directional arrows


I don’t think that you can go wrong by choosing either of the multi-cookers in this Cuisinart msc-600 vs msc-800 comparison. I like that either machine, once it is finished cooking, will automatically into keep warm. Being able to set the timer and temperature is a great feature as well. There are many customers that are satisfied with either model, although I would advise you to check out customer reviews for yourself before making a purchase decision.

There is, however, a superior machine in this comparison, and that is the msc-800. The 800 has two things that making it worth getting over the 600; the Roast feature and the 500-degree sear.

But you will have to decide if those upgraded features are worth the price difference, if there is one, when you are ready to buy.

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