BWT Designer Water Filter Pitcher, 2.7 Liter, White or Green Review

BWT Designer Water Filter Pitcher.The BWT designer water filter pitcher mineralizes water with magnesium. It measures 10.4 x 11.3 x 4.5 inches and weighs about two pounds. It comes in either white or green. It has a unique and slender design that makes it easier to fit in your fridge.

Magnesium is an essential mineral. BWT states that an estimated 60 percent of U.S. adults aren’t getting enough of this vital mineral. This pitcher is an easy way to make sure that you do get it. I’ve researched this popular European water pitcher, and reported my findings below. Read the overview to find out if this is the right filter pitcher for you.

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Magnesium Enhanced Water Pitcher with Sleek Design…

We use a Brita water filter. It is much more cost effective than buying bottled water. We always have clean, fresh, great tasting water waiting for us in our refrigerator. Although the water is filtered, it isn’t enhanced with magnesium.

What does magnesium do for you…?

Magnesium is really important. It is typically very abundant in the human body. However, some people still have the deficiency. It is vital to more than 300 different chemical reactions that occur within the body. Magnesium is used to treat diseases related to the heart that include; chest pain, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, etc.

I was surprised to learn that a lack of magnesium is related to so many different conditions like anxiety, ADHD, and fibromyalgia (click here for a more complete list). People whom always feel tired might need a few more hours of sleep at night, or they may need a little spinach (or this water filter pitcher).

Magnesium can also be used as an energy booster. Many athletes use it to increase endurance.

The mineral can also be used to treat skin issues such as ulcers, boils, and infections.

Better tasting water…?

Glass of filtered water in a glass.

Glass of filtered water in a glass.

In addition to adding magnesium to the water, the BWT filter cleans the water. The filter removes scale, heavy metals, and chlorine. The filter has silver in it which has an antimicrobial effect. The end result is water that is cleaner, fresher, better tasting and better for you.

This BWT filter pitcher is also perfect to use with your coffee pot or tea kettle as heavy metals are removed from the water. This means that less scale will build up in your water requiring appliances. As magnesium is a Flavor carrier it makes better tasting drinks. Most customers agree water taste better with the BWT water pitcher.

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Smart convenient features…

Sometimes Sarah and I lose track of when our Brita water filter needs to be replaced. That means we end up using the old filter for too long. Which defeats the purpose of using the pitcher in the first place. The BWT Designer Water Filter Pitcher has a much needed feature. On the pitcher lid, there is a counter that keeps track of the number of times the filter was used. It then lets you know when the filter needs to be changed.

In other filters, the ingredients sink to the bottom. Over timer, this causes the filter to become less effective. This filter is designed in such a way that ensures consistent results over the entire life of the filter.

It’s already popular in Europe…

Sometimes I forget that all brands aren’t available globally. The BWT Designer Filter Pitcher is already popular in Europe. It has already won a bunch of awards, like the EESC European Award 2014, and Best Product of the Year 2013. It is also claimed that BWT is the number one European brand in water technology.

Where to buy new filters…?

One of the reasons we decided to buy a water filter pitcher from Brita is because we know how hard it can be to find filters for lesser known brands. If you buy this pitcher, you’ll have to buy new filters at an online retailer or the website.

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  • Measures 10.4 x 11.3 x 4.5 inches
  • Drink water enhanced with magnesium
  • Removes scale, chlorine, and heavy metals
  • Sleek design; available in white or green
  • Unique filter delivers consistent performance

BWT Designer Water Filter Pitcher : What Do The Customers Think…?

There is a nice amount of feedback available for this product. Many customers of the BWT Designer water filter pitcher are satisfied with their purchase.

Even still, there were some negatives that stood out to me. I noticed a pattern in some of the reviews. There were a few complaints that there were black specs that ended up in the water. Also, a few customers mentioned that the product arrived dirty. But I don’t think that either of these issues are a big deal. There were a few of these complaints but I don’t think it points to any serious underlying issues with this product.

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The BWT Designer Water Filter Pitcher is a good product, and worthy of your consideration. It is already well received in the European market. It removes hard metals and chlorine from your drinking water. Using filtered water for your coffee maker will help to keep it scale free. It has a sleek design which makes it easily fit on your refrigerator door. The filter enhances your water with magnesium, a nutrient that a lot of people need more of.

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