Breville 800JEXL vs BJE510XL Juicer Comparison

Glasses with fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices isolated on white. Detox diet.

Glasses with fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices.

So you’re looking to make the best choice in the breville 800jexl vs bje510xl juicer comparison. Both juicers are great choices, and similar in many ways, but there are some major differences that can influence your decision. Below, you will have enough information to help you make the best choice in this juicer comparison.

Take a closer look at the Breville 800JEXL

Take a closer look at the Breville BJE510XL

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Breville 800JEXL vs BJE510XL: Which Juicer Should You Choose…?

Breville bje510xl Centrifugal Juicer

Breville bje510xl Centrifugal Juicer

Size and Appearance

The Breville 800jexl measures 17 x 11 x 20 inches while the smaller Breville bje510xl measures 19.2 x 15.5 x 10.3 inches. Either one takes up quite a bit of space for a small kitchen appliance that serves just one function. I’m a fan of appliances that have multiple functions because we have limited counter space. But, if you plan on juicing a lot, the size might not be an issue.

As it relates to the juicers themselves; their dimensions aren’t so different that it would influence your purchase decision either way. Both should fit underneath your kitchen cabinet with ease.

If you’ve read any other Breville related post on this site, then you know that I am a big fan of the look and design of Breville products. Both juicers in this comparison are very good looking machines clad in stainless steel (not that all stainless steel products are aesthetically pleasing).

It may not be the most important aspect of a product but I think that appearance is important. I’ve come across several customers who tuck away their ugly appliances when they have guest. Personally, I think that ugly appliances get used less often.

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Ease of Use

According to customer reviews and the product description, it appears that both juicers are easy to use and clean. Although juicers aren’t the easiest things to clean, the Breville brand makes juicers that can be disassembled easily. Both also come with a cleaning brush and most parts are dishwasher safe.

Power and Performance

Both juicers in the Breville 800jexl vs bje510xl are of the centrifugal variety. They spin at very high speeds and so have powerful and durable motors. The Breville 800jexl is the more powerful of the two machines. It has a motor that is powered with 1000 watts which translates into a RPM range of 6500 to 13000. On the other hand, the Breville bje510xl, has a 900 watt motor with an RPM range of 6500 to 12500.

I don’t think that the difference in RPM’s will cause a noticeable increase in performance. Sure, you might juice a little faster with the 800jexl, but I don’t think it should really influence your purchase decision.

The Breville bje510xl has five speed settings while the 800jexl has just two. More speed settings means that have more control over the texture and efficiency of your juice. For example, soft fruits require a lower speed than a carrot to maximize juice extraction.

Breville 800jexl Centrifugal Juicer

Breville 800jexl Centrifugal Juicer

Cutting Disc, Feed Tube & Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

The cutting disc of both machines are very durable and plated in titanium. The feeding tube for both juicers is three inches wide. This means that you don’t have to do a lot of pre-chopping prior to juicing. In fact, you will be able to put insert whole fruit. The fine stainless steel mesh means that you will end up with a very smooth juice.

Price and Warranty

Both Breville juicers come with a one year warranty.


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Comparison Chart

Breville 800jexl Centrifugal Juicer

Breville 800jexl Centrifugal Juicer

Breville bje510xl Centrifugal Juicer

Breville bje510xl Centrifugal Juicer

Dimensions:17 x 11 x 20 inches19.2 x 15.5 x 10.3 inches
Color:Brushed stainless steelStainless steel
Juicer Type:CentrifugalCentrifugal
Blade:Titanium plated stainless steelTitanium plated stainless steel
Warranty:1-year limited1-year limited
Body Material:Die-castStainless steel
Number of speeds:25

Customer Reviews…

I came across a lot of customer reviews from juicer enthusiast. In fact, a lot of customers use these juicers to juice greens. I’ve come across customers that claimed that their previous juicer could not perform this feat.

The large chute on both machines is also a big plus. Customers love that they can, for example, throw in three apples at a time. Some users did complain about the size but given the quality of these machines, they don’t mind it. Also, I came across multiple complaints about the noise level that both of these machines produce.

Compared to Other Slow Juicers…

The two juicers on this page are great choices but you may want to check out other options. Below, you can read up on other options:

VS Omega VRT350

The Omega vrt-350 is another masticating slow juicer. As you probably know by now, slow juicers are designed to prevent oxidation and nutrient degradation. This particular model rotates at just 80-rpms. Its compact design means that you shouldn’t have any trouble locating it on your counter. In fact, with its small dimensions and good-looks it will probably take up a permanent residence on your counter.

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Summary & Recommendation

Both juicers in the Breville 800jexl vs bje510xl comparison are good choices. They are very similar machines (color, size, juicing style) but there are a few key differences. Sure, the 800jexl is more powerful, but I don’t think that this marginal increase in power is worth it. Besides, the bje510xl has more speed options, five, compared to just two for the 800jexl.

Despite the fact that Breville donned the 800jexl the “Rolls Royce of juicers”; I wouldn’t choose it. The apparent upgrades just aren’t worth it to me. Do yourself , forget the premium Breville 800jexl and go with the efficient, if basic, Breville bje510xl.

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