Black & Decker P300S 5-Minute Pizza Oven and Snack Maker Review

Black and Decker P300SThe Black & Decker P300S is a pizza oven and snack maker. Its claim to fame is being able to cook or warm pizza in just 5 minutes. It’s not just for cooking pizza though. You can cook all kinds of snacks and other baked goods.

The P300S is moderately priced so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with this one. So, you probably want to know how much space this Black & Decker appliance will take up, how it works, and more stuff. Read below to get all of the juicy details and find out if this is the right pizza oven for you.

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The Stylish Dual Heat Source Pizza Oven

When you first take a look at the Black & Decker P300S you’ll notice its very attractive stainless steel exterior. That attribute is obvious and in your face. What you might not notice at first glance is that this modern design pays homage to the traditional brick-oven design.

The P300S can cook a 12-inch pizza in just 5 minutes. Yes, the claim is that in just 5 minutes, you can have a delicious pizza with crunchy crust, perfectly browned toppings and gooey cheese. The magic behind the pizza oven is the dual heat sources. There are heating elements at both the top and bottom of this unit. This creates the most ideal environment for cooking and warming a pizza.

four cheese pizzaThe settings on the knob are easy to read and understand. The dial has 5 settings: bake, frozen snacks, Regular & thin, rising, and deep dish. The pizza settings are for fresh or frozen pizza.

A 12-inch pizza is the standard size for most frozen pizzas, and it’s also the largest sized pizza that can fit into this oven without issue. The beautiful thing is that because it cooks pizzas in just 5 minutes, you can easily cook more without too much waiting time.

The Black & Decker P300S is a versatile powerful machine with a variety of features. The timer knob can be set to up to 30 minutes. The ceramic coated tray functions as a pizza stone, this is supposed to help you get that perfect crispy crust. It is dishwasher safe which makes cleanup a breeze.

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  • Cooks fresh pizza/frozen pizza and baked goods
  • Cooks fresh or frozen pizzas in just 5 minutes
  • Ceramic coated tray for best results
  • Heat sources at top and bottom of pizza oven
  • Fits 12” pizzas

What Do Customers Think About the Black & Decker P300s Pizza Oven?

There are a number of customers who shared their opinion and experience regarding the Black and Decker P300S. Take a look below to discover what I thought about the feedback.

The Good…

A lot of customers are satisfied with their experience with this pizza oven. The customers praise the overall performance. They like the convenience. According to some, it really does cook a frozen 12” pizza in just 5 minutes after warming up for 5 minutes.

A Few Concerns…

No product is perfect and so, the Black & Decker P300S is no different. Some customer’s critiques include points that are more of an opinion rather than factual statements. For that reason I like to make sure that I sift through reviews to find the most non-biased objective reviews.

Uneven heating seems to be an issue that keeps cropping up over and over. Customers complained and even posted pictures of pizzas that were overcooked on the outside while still being partially frozen on the inside. Another potential downside are the dimensions: 21 x 18 x 10 inches. For an ultra-specific appliance like this, it takes up a lot of space.

There were complaints that the manual is not completely in sync with the machine. This may be one of those appliances that you have to “play” with to find the perfect settings to cook your pizza.

There are some other customer complaints. Some seem to be one-off, while others are worthy of more concern.

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Black + Decker P300S Compared to Other Pizza Ovens

While I think that the P300 is a good pizza option, you may want to take a look at other ovens on the market. To be honest, if I were in the market for a pizza oven, I would. Some of the customer reviews I came across made me a bit uncomfortable. I would search for a pizza oven that had more feedback that I was comfortable with and or one that was made by a company that is known for making pizza ovens. For that reason I examined the competition.

VS Wisco 425C-001 Digital Pizza Oven, 12″

Wisco has been making household pizza ovens for decades. The stainless steel clad Wisco 425C-001 pizza oven is made for 12” fresh or frozen pizzas. It is roughly the same size as the Black and Decker P300S and cost a lot less. This pizza oven is not just for pizza however, it is perfect for hotdogs, pretzels, sandwiches, frozen appetizers, and more.

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Despite some customer complaints, the Black + Decker P300S still seems to be a good buy. It is a larger “small” appliance, so it won’t just blend in on our counter top. Some of the feedback that I came across included some reports of inconsistent performance. Some of those instances was stuff like uneven heating and burnt pizza. Perhaps you might consider a brand that has a more proven track record.  Maybe you will consider Wisco brand pizza ovens as they have been around for a long time.

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