AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Elite

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When the Bounty was released into the market, it instantly became AeroGarden’s most popular indoor countertop garden. Logically, Miracle-Gro thought to improve on the Bounty and came out with the Bounty Elite. So, which should you go for: the popular Bounty or its upgraded successor, the Bounty Elite? To help you make the right decision between these two competitive products, we would compare the AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Elite on this page. Continue reading below to find out the features and capabilities of each model and how they perform with respect to one another.

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The AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Elite

Design and Construction

The Bounty and Bounty Elite have the same design style. A bulky, spacious container serves to hold a maximum number of growth pods. A height-adjustable LED lamp is fitted at the back of the container in a centered position so its light rays can reach every corner of the vessel.

The biggest difference between these two models is in the material used for construction. The Bounty is made from a very thick plastic, and naturally, users got worried about its durability and long-term use. So, when the Bounty Elite was produced, everyone was quite happy about its stainless-steel construction. However, after reading through dozens of user reviews, it is safe to conclude that the Bounty Elite is not more durable than the Bounty. Even with its stainless-steel construction, users of the Bounty Elite have the same complaints as the plastic Bounty users in terms of parts getting damaged and needing replacement.

Size and Weight

Both gardens have the same size dimensions. Despite their equal size, the Bounty Elite is heavier than the Bounty. This difference in weight is due to the metallic construction of the Bounty Elite; stainless steel is naturally heavier than plastic.


AeroGarden models are reputed to be hard to clean and difficult to maintain due to their huge size and considerable weight. So, cleaning the Bounty can be a little challenging and the Bounty Elite even more so.


While the Bounty comes in a matte black finish, the Bounty Elite is available in three color options: simple stainless, platinum stainless, or a red stainless finish.

Growth Pods

The container in both AeroGarden models is fitted with 9 growth pods, and only one plant can be grown in a pod at any point in time. This means that you should be able to grow a maximum of 9 plants with either the Bounty or the Bounty Elite. However, you would find that achieving this feat a nearly impossible task.

Why? It’s actually a simple matter of inadequate growing space. Previous AeroGarden models were designed with a maximum of 7 pods. Miracle-Gro released the Bounty and Bounty Elite trying to entice buyers with their greater pod capability. Unfortunately, they didn’t increase the growing space on the container to adequately cater to the increased number of pods. As one user succinctly said, they just crammed the pods into the available space.

So, if you do try to grow 9 plants at once, they would compete between themselves for the available space and won’t be able to grow freely. To ensure the seeds planted grow into healthy and productive crops, you should use only 7 of these pods at any point in time.

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Hydroponics and LED Lights

AeroGarden countertop gardens are able to grow plants without soil and sun by using a patented hydroponics technique and a LED lighting system respectively. The growth pods contain water, air, and the essential nutrients required for effective plant growth. The attached LED lamp provides the required light spectrum the plants need for photosynthesis. It achieves this via red, blue, and white LED lights strategically fitted on its downward-facing surface.

The LED lamps for both gardens are rated 45 watts and the lights need to be replaced every 5 years. You can adjust the lamp height to a maximum of 24 inches to accommodate the increasing height of your growing plants.

Yield Rate and Volume

Both the Bounty and the Bounty Elite are designed to grow plants at a very fast rate. Within weeks, you will have fully-developed plants in your garden. However, these gardens are best suited for growing herbs and vegetables. While both models have a high yield volume, the output of the Bounty is more than that of the Bounty Elite.

Touchscreen Panel

Both gardens come with an interactive and simple-to-use LCD touchscreen control panel. The panel is designed to remind you when to replenish the water level or add certain nutrients to the growth pods. It does this via audible and visual notifications. The screen interface displays useful gardening tips for first-time gardeners as well as key gardening basics such as the planting date and harvest time.

Seed and Nutrient Kit

When you buy either of these AeroGarden models, you get a 7-pod seed kit with different seeds and 3 ounces of Miracle-Gro patented nutrients. These seeds and nutrients can adequately satisfy your planting needs for an entire year even if you use them continuously.

Wi-Fi Models

If you want the added convenience of being able to control your garden with your smartphone, then you can get the Wi-Fi models of either the Bounty or the Bounty Elite. A Wi-Fi connection and the AeroGarden mobile app on your phone are your only two requirements to be able to use these models. You can also use the app to choose from several growth options and replenish the nutrients and water level.

Pros and Cons of the AeroGarden Bounty


  • Highest yield
  • Helpful touchscreen control interface
  • Lighter


  • Difficult to clean
  • Insufficient growing space for the available number of pods

Pros and Cons of the AeroGarden Bounty Elite


  • Stainless-steel construction
  • High yield
  • Helpful touchscreen control interface


  • Heavier
  • Difficult to clean
  • Insufficient growing space for the available number of pods


The AeroGarden Bounty and Bounty Elite are great choices for your indoor countertop gardens. If you’re into aesthetics and want a sturdy and beautiful-looking model, then the Bounty Elite is the better choice. Despite its plastic construction, the Bounty performs way better than its stainless-steel successor and remains the top choice among AeroGarden models. Bottom line is that both units are nice models but if you’re still not sure maybe you should check out the Aerogarden Bounty vs Ultra, AeroGarden 6 vs 7 or AeroGarden vs Click and Grow Comparison.

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