AeroGarden 6 vs 7: Which Indoor Garden is Best for you…?

aerogarden 6 vs 7

How about fresh herbs whenever you need them?

So, you’ve been hearing about the wonders of indoor countertop gardens and finally decided to get one and experience its benefits personally. Do you want a model that is simple in design and easy to use? Chances are that you’ve settled on Miracle Gro’s basic models and can’t decide between the AeroGarden 6 vs 7. This comparison page takes a good, in-depth look at both products, describing their similarities and key differences, and by so doing, guiding you in making a decision on which of these AeroGarden models best meets your needs.

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AeroGarden 6 vs 7: Which Kitchen Garden is Best for you...?

Design and Construction

Both AeroGarden models adopt a similar design pattern: growth pods enclosed within a vessel having a height-adjustable LED lamp and a control panel at its base. Each model tweaks this design pattern to suit their gardening capabilities. With the AeroGarden 6, you get a vessel or container that closely resembles a triangle with its compact corner design. The AeroGarden 7 is not for you if you want something compact; it is wide with a larger growing area for plants than the AeroGarden 6.

Both gardens are made from lightweight plastic. This in no way takes away from their overall durability as they have been proven to last for a very long period of time provided you take good care of them.

Color and Finish

With either of these AeroGarden models, you are limited to a singular color option as they are only available in a black matte finish. This finish, although highly durable, is of a somewhat dull sheen. However, if you look closely at both models, you would discover that the AeroGarden 7’s finish is a bit brighter than the 6.

Size and Weight

The AeroGarden 7 is bigger and larger than its predecessor. The AeroGarden 6 however offers you increased depth with its smaller size.

It stands to reason that a larger vessel would be way heavier than a smaller-sized vessel. The weight of the AeroGarden 7 exceeds that of the AeroGarden 6 by a couple of pounds.

Growth Pods

These AeroGarden models are named for the number of growth pods enclosed within their containers. Therefore, the AeroGarden 6 has 6 growth pods while the AeroGarden 7 comes with 7 growth pods. The additional pod found in the AeroGarden 7 is probably the reason for its wider growing space, bigger size, and increased weight.

A pod can accommodate just one plant at any point in time. The number of growth pods in an AeroGarden model determines the total number of plants that can be grown at a time with that model. Thus, only 6 plants can be grown in a planting session with the AeroGarden 6. The AeroGarden 7 with its 7 growth pods can accommodate 7 plants at once.

LED Lighting System

For plants to grow, they need light. The LED lamps of these AeroGarden models are designed to provide the required spectrum of light for the process of photosynthesis. These lamps consist of red, blue, and white LED lights arranged in a manner meant to stimulate and enhance maximum yield of crops. The white lights encourage fast and even growth, blue lights ensure high yields that surpass that of regular outdoor gardens, and the red LED lights help in the creation of flowers and fruits.

These LED lights save energy and consume less power than fluorescent lights. The LED lamps for both AeroGarden models are rated 20 watts.

Get more details on the AeroGarden 6

Get more details on the AeroGarden 7

Height Limitation

As your plants begin to grow and develop, they become taller and bigger. To ensure they keep on receiving adequate light needed for photosynthesis and continued growth, you have to continually increase the height of the LED lamps. Thankfully, the AeroGardens 6 and 7 are designed with lamps whose heights can be easily adjusted. However, there is a maximum height limit of 12 inches. While this ensures the plants remain close to the source of light, it makes it difficult to plant tall crops. This invariably restricts your planting choice: you can only plant herbs and vegetables whose heights do no exceed this maximum limit.

LCD Control Panel

A panel at the base of both AeroGarden models is used to operate your indoor gardens. The panels in both models are made up of entirely push buttons and have no display screen. You can instruct the LED lights to automatically turn on and off at specific time intervals using this control panel. It also provides a list of seed options with their designated buttons, and you use these buttons to select the type of seed you’re about to plant.

Apart from providing you with a means to control the workings of your indoor garden, the control panel also helps you monitor the growth and development of your crops, reminds you when it’s time to add water or more nutrients to the pods, and provides you with helpful gardening tips.

Additional Seed and Nutrient Kit

When you buy an AeroGarden, you get a free seed and nutrient kit. This kit includes seed pods and Miracle-Gro’s patented nutrients. The number of seed pods in the kit depends on the model you buy. The AeroGarden 6 has 6 seed pods in its kit while the AeroGarden 7 has 7. According to several customer reviews, these kits are sufficient for your gardening needs for the whole year, eliminating the need to regularly shell out cash for replacement kits.

Pros and Cons of the AeroGarden 6


  • Compact and sturdy
  • Lighter
  • High yield


  • Can’t accommodate tall plants
  • Smaller growing area for plants

Pros and Cons of the AeroGarden 7


  • Larger
  • Has a wider growing area
  • Additional growth pod
  • High yield


  • Heavier
  • Can’t accommodate tall plants


Both AeroGarden models are tailored to meet specific gardening needs. A beginner to the world of indoor gardening would be better off with the AeroGarden 6. The AeroGarden 7 is for those wanting an extra growth pod and a wider growing area. The compact nature of the AeroGarden 6 is what distinguishes it from the 7. Asides that, they both provide you with high yields, possess the same features, and can only be used for small to medium-sized plants.

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